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Dick Smith ID Confirmed: Makes Offer To Defkalion CEO

February 17, 2012

I have now spoken to Dick Smith and confident as I can be that he and his offer are genuine.

As a skeptic he wears his colours honestly. I remain sceptical too but while I will hold on to hope until it is dashed, he is quite certain that this is a scam. Such a position is honourable and born from 30 years of seeing scam after scam giving off the same signals. He is not a pretend skeptic out to disprove something that is real. Anyone who has followed this site will know that I do not support such behaviour.

While $1m is a good figure, it is not a loss that would hurt in his case. Indeed, it is money he is happy to lose should it be to someone about to cure some of the world’s ills. So, while he will approach this with suspicion, he is genuine in his effort to do some good and we should respect that.

If Defkalion is also genuine, they should not object to any test that is simple and fair that would satisfy the terms he has proposed (or in mutual agreement, something similar).

Dick worries that an overly complicated and lengthy process is one that might hide a con. For over a year now, believers and skeptics alike have been saying how simple it would be to test the veracity of such a high output device. I believe a plumber could do it at least as well as a scientist.

He wants to run it for as long as it needs to prove its point for the COP claimed for it. He proposes six hours after warm up. I would like to see longer unless the device can be completely stripped afterwards. I would understand if Defkalion did not want to do that.

The length of the run should be short enough to satisfy Dick’s concern and long enough (and at a high enough COP) to exclude the possibility of any conventional  chemical fuel. The idea is not to prove a nuclear process but that the Hyperion has a utility capable of doing the practical job claimed for it.

To satisfy the above, his testers will need to know the minimum volume they can inspect to and be allowed total access outside that black box (including before and after weights).

If that is done under the control of qualified and genuine skeptics then the test can be kept simple and reasonably short. I fully expect the company to carry on with the other tests they have already scheduled as it will give another dimension to our confidence in any successful result.

If I were Defkalion and they are genuine, I would insist that the testers are independent and agreeable to both.

Dick posted the following in the comments section:

You heard it here first,. I have emailed the CEO of Defkalion extending the $1m offer providing a testing protocol can be agreed on.

I have stated I only require a six hour test period and I am suspicious of their proposed 96 hour period as no person can remain awake that long!

I have said I only require measurements of the input and output power and asked what COP they can achieve. I have also asked what their test input power would be.

Obviously the type of power output and gain must be similar to what Rossi claimed.- not low output that is not commercially viable.

I will be away from my office until Tuesday so finalization of an agreement will have to wait until then.

Interesting times!!

I have also asked the date they would like to do the test.


To be clear; I sympathise with Dick’s concern regarding overcomplications but feel that the time should be as long as it needs to be. A compromise can be devised depending on the mass and volume of the uninspected part of the system as well as the COP in play. If they use a standard Hyperion running at spec, it should be easy to prove such a beast.

The compromise should not be such that we repeat the dissapointment of the early Oct eCat test. While a close analysis of that run is compelling evidence, it left too many holes for people to pick at.

The run should be long enough to nail it and cannot be determined until the other conditions are set.

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242 Responses to Dick Smith ID Confirmed: Makes Offer To Defkalion CEO

  1. CuriousChris

    February 18, 2012 at 11:14 am

    cop > 10 is old news George. while the COP was around 14 I believe it was still only ~80 milliwats. Unless there was another story which I missed because your link to nickelpower links to CFT which links back to nickelpower. an infinite recursion loop.

  2. CuriousChris

    February 18, 2012 at 11:20 am

    GH how can “pessimists spoil an outstanding achievement” If DGT/Rossi are frauds we have all wasted our time, If they are not then the world will change.

    Viewpoints have nothing to do with it.

    p.s. I spent more energy posting this comment than the entire output of Swartz COP > 10 demonstration 😉

  3. spacegoat

    February 18, 2012 at 11:21 am

    @Pekka Janhunen
    Yes. Space … the final frontier.
    I watched In the Shadow Of The Moon recently – the story of Apollo from the astronauts point of view. I did wonder afterwards whether LANR will get me up there before I die.

  4. CuriousChris

    February 18, 2012 at 11:23 am


    I am a web programmer If you need help to fix the threading issue let me know. I am quite familiar with wordpress.

  5. spacegoat

    February 18, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Your point about labor being costly reinforces my point. Cheaper materials and energy to manufacture robots will price human labor further out of the picture.

    Obviously the vast majority of Earth’s inhabitants will rejoice in the abundance LANR offers. Only politicians and their masters will panic. And I don’t believe it is controllable by them, simply because LANR appears to be plumbing+heat+Italian sauce 🙂 DIY will take off if there is an attempt at seizure.