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Mike McKubre: Cold Fusion From Pons & Fleischmann To Rossi’s eCat

November 25, 2011

Mike McKubre recently gave a brilliant talk overviewing a good chunk of the cold fusion/LENR situation. I will comment after digesting them.


What Happened to Cold Fusion? (eight parts, total: 102 min)
SRI Mike McKubre’s Presentation at Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley (1/8)

Major Segments (2/8)

 Department of Energy Reference (3/8)

Necessary but Not Sufficient Conditions (4/8)

Gas-Loading Experiments (5/8)

Experiments by Italian Scientists (6/8)

Recap (7/8)

Q&A Discussion (8/8)

[With thanks to Mary Yugo and Jouni Valkonen on Vortex]

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5 Responses to Mike McKubre: Cold Fusion From Pons & Fleischmann To Rossi’s eCat

  1. Eric Woudenberg

    November 25, 2011 at 2:55 am

    McKubre is one of the most trusted CF research scientists IMHO. He’s conducted many positive excess heat experiments at a major lab (SRI) and appears to be very careful in his work and statements.

    So, based on chain of trust transitivity (Me <- McKubre <- McKubre's trusted friend(s) <- Rossi's Demo), I'm confident Rossi's eCat is for real.

    But as for proving this to the wider world, McKubre says he hasn't had any luck being able to get an eCat to run tests on at SRI.

    Who else is on tenterhooks waiting for DGT's news in the next few days?

  2. sophareth camsonne

    November 25, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    M Mckudre have alot of chance, he was alone to be granted by public fond
    from 1989 to 2002 for CF research at SRI (Stanford Research Institute). The. Budget. De. SR I is. Colossal. ie. 500 M$, 10 folds. More. than. Havard university

  3. Jay

    November 26, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Thanks for posting McKubre’s talk. His statement at the end of the talk about Rossi possibly purposely misdirecting people as to what he’s got has merit. McKubre said that if you make tritium in the US without the DOE’s blessing you go to jail. He said that he’s made tritium and published his results and the only reason he’s not in jail is because establishment science doesn’t believe him. This explains much about why Rossi can’t test his plants in the US. He doesn’t want the liability. What a sad state of affairs for Americans. Cold fusion science was born here, but also excommunicated here. The scientists not only have problems with funding and publishing their work, but even more importantly–they’re under threat of incarceration if someone decides to prosecute. If researchers make an important discovery they can’t patent it here either. This is why I believe Americans will be last to benefit from this technology. The political environment is too hostile to this clean, safe energy source for it to be developed and sold here.

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  5. Ron Rouyer

    December 1, 2011 at 10:23 pm


    Well done. On the heels of your excommuni comment…I thought Rossi’s first customer was in the USA. Good for us, yes?