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NATO Link To Rossi 1MW eCat?

October 31, 2011

Andrea Rossi spills a little information about our mysterious ‘Colonel’. Involved with designing the dissipators, he has 30 years experience and (now or in the past) worked for NATO. Taken with his earlier comment about the customer’s default mode being secrecy, it is tempting to jump to conclusions. His comment is surely interesting and such an organisation could easily take a risk such as this – they certainly have the motivation. However, fun as it is, we should be wary of assuming too much.

Listed as a test engineer, it is always possible that the unknown customer hired a local consultant (who retains the title of Colonel from previous service).

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear James Bowery:
    The dissipator has been designed by me and the person who leaded the test, an engineer of NATO ( a Colonel) who has 30 years of experience in thermopower plants and thermodynamical systems.
    It has been designed to dissipate 4 times the necessary energy. All in the tested plant was redundant: we had 2 power generators, so that if one should fail the second would automatically had been put in operation, we had 4 pumps instead of 2, so that each pump would have a reserve, we had 2 control panels, so that ant electronic shortcoming would have been overcome by a reserve, etc: I simply could not fail, so we foresaw any possibility of failure and prepared a back up for any of it. The day before I wrote in this blog “we are ready”: when we say a thing you can bet on it.
    Warm Regards,

And… The sales tap is turned on:

  • Manik Sahai

    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    Many Congratulations on your Historic Breakthrough!
    How fast do you think will the world adopt this unprecedented energy technology? When can we know about the details of your commercial plans?
    Please keep India and other developing nations in your attention too – not only USA and Europe. The whole world needs to benefit from this source of energy.
    Manik Sahai.

  • Luca Salvarani

    Dear Andrea Rossi

    1- Can you confirm the second sale of the 1 mw plant to another customer?
    2- So far have you sold 2 plants, or even more?
    3- Could you reveal the identity of this second customer or it’s confidential (if so I can undestand)?

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Luca Salvarani:
    1- yes
    2- more
    3- I want not our Customers assailed by the puppetts moved by their puppetteers. Let the plant go to work, then they will reveal themselves automatically. Probably you did not understand that there is a war against us.
    Warm Regards,

[Thanks to SH]

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11 Responses to NATO Link To Rossi 1MW eCat?

  1. Sojourner Soo

    October 31, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Learning about the involvement of NATO has just about ruined my day. As a pacifist, I am truly dismayed that Rossi would involve this organization, even tangentially through one of its engineers. It’s bad enough that the military industrial complex has literally murdered so many people for oil to keep its weapons running. It’s depressing to think that they will now get first dibs at what should, morally speaking, be a source of cheap energy for humanity, instead of a means to support even more war and the machines involved in killing people. I’m disgusted. So much for a new era of peace.

    • AB

      October 31, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      Military would get involved sooner or later anyway. It is not possible to withhold the tech from them, or anyone for that matter once it starts being commercialized. LENR is going to make fighting over fossil and other fuel deposits pointless.

    • Camilo

      October 31, 2011 at 4:43 pm

      I´m more worried than disgusted, as I fear, the defense sector (“military industrial complex”) will probably try to gain control of who gets access to LENR power applications.

    • Daniel de França MTd2

      October 31, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      Sojourner Soo, you can still hope the ecat is bogus :)!

    • Roger Barker

      October 31, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      I hear you Soo, but this is the harsh reality of capitalism. Money talks and bullshit walks.

      • Stephen

        October 31, 2011 at 11:32 pm

        Bullshits sure types a lot too, from what I’ve learn here.

  2. Dale G. Basgall

    October 31, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Soo; that’s an important topic and from when we started following this scenario of Mr. Rossi the idea of maybe when Pons and Fleishman were blackballed it was always a possibility that someone real powerful knew the technology had merit. What if it was made to look like their was no merit in the technology at that time, development went on.

    Maybe someone already has perfected fusion after all this time from highly financed fusion programs. Maybe we the people have been deceived by others that could and this technology “cold fusion” is in operation somewhere in someones aircraft. (like a country)

    Source Field Investigations shows some evidence of large scientific developments that are supposedly in the air drifting to many people. After seeing the text writings on one site makes me realize we are not ready for such a power source, it seems we need more mind development within our mass population around the globe before technologies arise without being used primarily to kill others secretly. It’s is sad yes to realize even after Rossi impliments whatever technology is there to the world that it is simply to consume more, if it was green technology for the betterment of the world the individual would have been a good recipient.

    If everything goes as claimed and Mr. Rossi obtains what he anticipated to gain by releasing this e-cat to the public has now become obvious that big money is there and we may never know what is actually going on.

  3. Don Witcher

    October 31, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    The main job of most military operations is the stationing of troops at strategic locations to keep the local populace from killing each other because of various differences of opinion. Maintaining those troops in the barracks and keeping them fed involves a lot of hot water and steam 24/7 to wash laundry, cook food and keep the barracks warm. In places like Afghanistan getting fuel oil in to do the above has an enormous cost associated with it. Just Google “Tanker Trucks in Afghanistan”.
    Whatever your views on whether or not its a just war or not its a fact of life and the world is stuck with it for the time being. If an ecat can replace the need for trucking in 200000 gallons of oil per year (40 tanker truck loads) then a NATO logistics engineer is not going to worry too much about what a bunch of esoteric physicists think of Rossi’s test procedures. If the engineer sets up his own test procedures and finds that the ecat works to his satisfaction thats all he needs to know. BTW one of the things he needs to know is whether the ecat can be started up and run with a common motor generator set instead of stabilized grid power.

  4. Tom Baccei

    October 31, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    The world community of scientists, students technicians etc. should develop a LENR technology as “open source”. This technology will not do the good of which it is capable if controlled by any of the “complexes”. If successful, public domain design could be developed, and widely disseminated, true capitalism will at least end up in competition based on cost, quality and innovation. AR is already acting the capitalist, selling to the highest bidder, and cloaking all of it, from day one, in secrecy. Designs which use different “secret sauces” and do not “steal” from Ar would be a very likely outcome. This phenomenon is subtle but I will bet not pernicious. The current avenue being pursued by AR will lead to restricted, controlled use, profiting the few, and not the many.

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  6. contiero italo

    November 1, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Stimatissimo dott. Andrea Rossi,
    essendo certo del successo del suo straordinario reattore, e sognando di esserLe utile,
    desiderei mostrarLe un prototipo di un semplicissimo minimotore esotermico da 5 KW .
    Non si tratta di denaro ma, come Lei ben sa, di darla sul naso a certa gentaglia.
    A Sua disposizione. Italo Contiero.