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Australian Skeptics’ eCat Verdict: It’s All A Terrible Error

I have been asked to post the Australian Skeptics Society Report in full on by both Dick Smith and Tim Mendham. They are keen to get the word out…

Defkalion Video

A video from Defkalion. This appears to be the bare Hyperion at the centre of the company’s invite to testers. I can’t watch it now (poor signal) and so I…

An eCat joke, not a joke eCat

It often astounds me how the community navigates language and cultural barriers in an already confusing landscape. We are used to misunderstandings; often a ripe source for those intent on…

A Score For eCat Sceptics?

A curious message has popped up in the comments section of 22passi. The blog, owned by Daniele Passerini (a close friend of Dr Levi) has, in the past, been a… Interviews Andrea Rossi

This just in from I’l let it speak for itself as there is little we do not already think we know.: The team behind traveled to Bologna on…

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