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Stremmenos Replies

Daniele Passerini, on his 22passi blog, has received a response from Professor Stremmenos (Defkalion Board Member, physicist and conduit to the Greek government) following the Defkalion/Rossi split. For me, the…

Defkalion Press Release

Ny Teknik has posted a press release said to come from Defkalion. At this moment, for some reason it is not on their site. If not for Ny Teknik, I…

Defkalion Rossi Divorce

Krivit Helps Rossi

Reading Steven Krivit’s third report on Sunday invoked an immediate response that seemed to confirm my expectations of bias. The introduction flew the report’s colours and I almost denied myself…

$30 eCat Recharge per 180 Days

Some time ago, Andrea Rossi said that he expected a six month eCat recharge to be around $100 a pop. He was talking about the mid-sized version – and I…

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