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Defkalion eCat Testing

To believe that Rossi is exaggerating his claims or is making an honest mistake, we must also believe that everyone who endorsed the eCat after conducting direct tests is lying,…

Nobel Physicist Speaks Out

Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson is a true champion - a high achiever, pretty damned smart and a 'to-hell-with-closed-minds' fire in his belly. He is not a documentary film maker. Even…

Hyperion Refuel Cycle Eventually 1 Year

In answer to a question posted by 'Rattle' on the Defkalian site, the company hinted that we might expect refueling time to extend to yearly intervals. Re: How long…

Calculating eCat Energy 2

And - coincidental or otherwise - Steven Krivit has posted Andrea Rossi's calculations on YouTube here.

Calculating eCat Energy

In an effort to lay the steam issue to rest, Andre Rossi has posted the following on his blog (Date links directly to the comment). 
Andrea Rossi