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More on Defkalion’s eCat Tests

Lots of good and detailed answers to member questions on the Defkalion Forum. This time, we get a link to an online post by Professor Stremmenos about a test performed…

Hyperion Phones Home

More Hyperion details from Defkalion including the fascinating snippet that Hyperion phones home:

Re: Hyperion

Testing By Greek Authorities

Another interesting exchange on Defkalion's forum:

Elsewhere it was stated that...
At the moment there are no…

Defkalion – Performance Ratio Always > 19

Answering a question on the their forum, Defkalion gives us an interesting factoid. It is quite specific and, at face value, reiterates an earlier statement that they have conducted numerous…

Why Greece?

Thank to Harry Veeder at the Vortex mailing list for this link of Andrea Rossi at the Defkalion press conference where he explains (in English) 'Why Greece?'