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…And Another Thing!

I started eCatNews, dismayed by the mud clouding the subject of Rossi’s eCat. Much of that is down to the nature of the beast, the extraordinary claim and the reality…

Xanthi Police Academy

Talk on the Krivit Report within the Defkalion GT forum brought this interesting snippet:   Defkalion GT

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The Krivit Report

Steven Krivit, born again critic of Andrea Rossi, has published his report on his visit to Bologna (where Rossi demonstrated the ecat to him). There he interviewed Levi and Focardi…

Infinite Energy – Defkalion Press Con

Infinite Energy has published a report on the Defkalion GT Press conference here.

Defkalion Press Conference

A short video from Thursday's press conference - mostly in English and from interviewing attendees after the presentation. It gives the impression that there is a real latent interest in…

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