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Hyperion Refuel Cycle Eventually 1 Year

In answer to a question posted by 'Rattle' on the Defkalian site, the company hinted that we might expect refueling time to extend to yearly intervals. Re: How long…

Obama & Berlusconi Appraised of Defkalion & eCat?

The following is from an article in the Xanthi Press after Google Translator did its thing. It is my interpretation on top of its on top of the journalist's, so…

New Nyteknik Article

In Swedish... Here is Google's translation:   Not much more information but a neat summary and company breakdown at the end is useful…

DefKalion White Paper

Things are moving fast: White Paper

Launching Hyperion

Today's Defkalion press conference could be the start of something big. Will the media pay attention? My gut tells me that they will but past experience says otherwise so I…