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A New Hyperion Every Six Months?

Today, Defkalion GT answered a question about the cost of replacing/refueling the Hyperion core. Previously, Rossi had estimated this to be every six months at a cost of approximately…

More on Defkalion’s eCat Tests

Lots of good and detailed answers to member questions on the Defkalion Forum. This time, we get a link to an online post by Professor Stremmenos about a test performed…

Hyperion Phones Home

More Hyperion details from Defkalion including the fascinating snippet that Hyperion phones home:

Re: Hyperion

Hyperion Refuel Cycle Eventually 1 Year

In answer to a question posted by 'Rattle' on the Defkalian site, the company hinted that we might expect refueling time to extend to yearly intervals. Re: How long…

Obama & Berlusconi Appraised of Defkalion & eCat?

The following is from an article in the Xanthi Press after Google Translator did its thing. It is my interpretation on top of its on top of the journalist's, so…