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University of Bologna – No Formal eCat Relationship

Two weeks ago, Andrea Rossi performed a Defkalion – painting himself into a corner so that we might believe a resolution to the eCat saga was in sight. Referring to …

eCatNews Brief – Part 1 Cold Fusion

eCatNews Brief - Part One

As October rushes towards us, cold fusion is largely ignored by the media.August 15, 2012 / Comments Off on eCatNews Brief – Part 1 Cold Fusion / Read More

eCatNews Brief Pt 2

An independent look at Rossi's eCat by novelist, Paul Story. A former physicist, Paul wrote this brief after months of wading through FUD and clutter trying to sift gold from…

Fleischmann Dead

Martin Fleischmann is dead. We are here, in good part, because of him. They called him a fraud and a liar. They said it wasn’t science. And yet, he will…

The Sneering Collective – Part One

When Pons and Fleischmann made their announcement, they were instant heroes riding in from nowhere to save the world. Soon, whispers of doubt turned to accusations of fraud and a…

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